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Ministry Focus Spring Newsletter

Freedon in ChristEach issue we intend to focus on a different ministry of Empire Pentecostal Holiness Church to help you find an area for you to serve or be enriched. We hope that over the coming months you will find several that interests you. In this inaugural issue, we will focus on the “Freedom in Christ” ministry.

The “Freedom in Christ” ministry, previously known as the Prison Ministry, has been a longstanding outreach of this church. In fact, other than Sunday school and our commitment to missions, it could be our oldest. We have found a copy of an old bulletin from 1969 that has an article about the church team visiting the Pulaski prison in Hawkinsville, and how successful that was.

Along the way, Brother Hilton Perdue felt a special burden for those in prison. He, along with others, helped organize it, grow it and gain opportunities at other prisons and jails.

Since that time, many have taken leadership roles and the ministry flourished. Many of these leaders have passed on, or gone on to other roles in other ministries.

Christians are called to witness. It is not always easy to witness one-on-one. Many of us fulfill our mission through various ministries of the local church. Visiting jails and prisons is not for everyone. Going into a prison and hearing that clank as the door rolls shut is not the only unnerving part of participating in the prison ministry. However, it is very rewarding and fills a real need in God’s kingdom.

If you think that it may be an area you would like to serve, contact Michael Graham, Jenny Floyd, or Wanda Graham. There is a place for you!

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