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Serving at Empire Church

At Empire Church, we believe that every believer has a unique role to play in the body of Christ. Serving isn’t just about filling a role, but about growing in faith, building community, and embodying Christ's love by actively ministering to others. Whether you've been with us for years or you're new to our community, there’s a place for you to serve here.

Why Serve?
Serving allows you to:

  • Deepen Your Faith: As you step out in service, you’ll discover more about God’s character, His heart for people, and His purpose for your life.
  • Build Relationships: Serving alongside others creates opportunities for deeper connections, mutual encouragement, and genuine fellowship.
  • Impact Lives: Every act of service, no matter how small, can have a profound impact on someone’s life, reflecting God's love and care for them.

Where Can You Serve?
We have various ministries and teams where you can contribute, including:

  • Children’s Ministry: Share God's love with the youngest in our community.
  • Worship & Arts: If you're musically inclined or have a passion for the arts, join our team that leads in worship and creative expressions.
  • Guest Services: Be the first smiling face newcomers see, making them feel welcome and at home.
  • Outreach & Missions: Reach out to the broader community and world, bringing hope and tangible help.
  • ...and many more!

How to Get Started?

  1. Pray: Seek God’s direction about where He'd like you to serve.
  2. Explore: Learn more about our ministries. Attend one of our 'Discover Serving' sessions to get a broad view of where you might fit best.
  3. Commit: Once you’ve identified an area you're passionate about, get in touch with the respective ministry leader or fill out our interest form.
  4. Train: Attend any required training sessions or workshops. We want to equip you effectively for your role.
  5. Serve: Embrace the joy of serving, knowing you’re making an eternal difference!

For those ready to take the next step or simply exploring where God might be calling you to serve, we encourage you to reach out. Our leadership team is eager to assist you in finding the right fit, ensuring you're both blessed and a blessing in your service.


Tell us more about yourself and your story of how you came to Empire Church and how you came to know God. What areas are you interested in serving?

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