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"With a heart to reach, a commitment to teach, and a desire to serve, our church endeavors to create a community where love truly makes a difference."

Senior Pastor Doug Studdard

Pastor Doug has devoted his life to serving and ministering the Gospel to others. Growing up in a pastor's home, he was in a spiritual environment from a young age, which helped influence his calling to preach.

At the age of 16, Pastor Doug felt a strong conviction to follow God's calling and dedicate his life to sharing the message of faith, hope, and love. With a heart for serving others and spreading God's word, he embarked on a journey of ministry that has spanned many years.

In 2000, Pastor Doug married Tara, who has also been influenced by a spiritual upbringing. As a preacher's kid herself, she has always been immersed in a faith-filled atmosphere, which has deeply impacted her life.

Pastor Doug's educational journey led him to graduate from Lee University in 2017 with a degree in Ministry Leadership and Business. This program equipped him with the necessary knowledge and skills to enlighten the lives of those he ministers to.

Since September 20, 2020, Pastor Doug has been serving at Empire Pentecostal Holiness Church, where he has witnessed the transformative power of God. His experience and commitment to spreading the Gospel have made a lasting impact on the church community and its members.

Tara, a proud alumna of Liberty University in Accounting, graduated in 2018 and has since pursued a career in the banking industry. Although her professional journey differs from Pastor Doug's, her strong spiritual foundation and understanding of ministry provide valuable support to her husband's calling.

As a family, Pastor Doug and Tara strive to create a loving and supportive environment for their two children, Kyle and Hannah Studdard. By instilling in them the same values and faith that have shaped their own lives, they are raising the next generation to continue the legacy of serving and ministering to others.

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Bill Davis

Bill has been an important member of the Empire Church for 60 years. Throughout his time, he has contributed immensely to the community and has been a pillar of inspiration for many.

Bill is happily married to Deborah Davis, and their commitment has stood the test of time. Together they have built a beautiful family and have been blessed with three children. Their daughters, Paula Hudson, Tiffany and husband Charles Olson, and Elizabeth Davis, brought immense joy, love, and fulfillment to their lives.

Bill's dedicated service extends beyond the church walls. He retired from the Robins Air Force Base and his time there has shaped him into a respected and admired leader in the community.

Bill and Deborah’s passion for missions has given way to great influence which has made a significant difference to the lives of many people overseas. Blessed with great wisdom and willingness to help others has made him a trusted figure in the community.

Bill and Deborah's love has expanded to their grandchildren, who bring immense joy into their lives. The two grandchildren are a cherished addition to their family, and their presence has brought an extra layer of happiness and fulfillment.

Discipleship Ministries Pastor

Stan Coody

Stan's passion for the Word and his desire to see others grow in their faith has led him to his role as the Discipleship ministries Pastor. Stan has been happily married to Tammy for 39 years. Throughout their years together, they served in various capacities of the church, demonstrating their deep faith in the church community.

One of their significant contributions includes leading the youth at Empire for over 20 years. Their guidance and leadership have inspired and shaped the lives of countless young individuals, nurturing their spiritual growth and journey.

Stan's love for the Word is evident in his teachings and interactions with others. His desire to see those who attend Empire to be truly discipled and equipped to advance the Kingdom of God is at the forefront of his ministry.

Tammy works at the Middle Georgia State University Library. Together, Stan and Tammy have a son named Luke Coody. Their commitment to their own family is evident in their dedication to nurturing the spiritual lives of others. 

Music Ministry

Misty Lamb

Misty has graciously accepted the role of Worship Leader on an interim basis. She has served our congregation well with her experience and musical talents for the past few years.

Misty and her husband Steven have celebrated 18 years of marriage. Steven is employed by Georgia Power and they are proud parents of two wonderful sons, Dylan and Kade Lamb.


In her role as Interim Worship Leader, Misty has demonstrated her musical capabilities and her ability to lead the congregation in worship. Her passion for music is to create a meaningful worship experience which has been evident in her ministry.


As a family, the Lamb family has created a nurturing and loving environment. Their support for Misty's role as Worship Leader and their involvement in the church community are testaments to their shared values and commitment to their faith.

Church Secretary

Sibbie Bryan

Sibbie's unwavering commitment has made her a great asset to the church community for over 22 years. Sibbie has been happily married to Woodie Bryan for 62 years. They have been devoted members of Empire for 27 years, actively participating in the church's various programs and missions.

Sibbie and Woodie have been blessed with two children: Jay and Vickie. Their love and commitment to family extend to their children and their spouses. Jay is married to Lynn, while Vickie is married to Larry Shepard. The bonds and support within their family are evident in the close-knit relationships they have fostered.

Their blessings extend to their grandchildren, who bring immense joy to their lives. Sibbie and Woodie are proud grandparents to three grandchildren. They have also been blessed with two great-grands, adding an extra layer of fulfillment to their family dynamics.

Sibbie's educational journey led her to graduate from Heart of Georgia Technical College in 2001. Her pursuit of education demonstrates her dedication to personal and professional growth, which she brings to the Empire as the Church Secretary. Sibbie plays a pivotal role in the functions of the church. Her years of expertise and commitment are evident in the efficient and smooth operation of various church activities.


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